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IPX800 V3 - Recover a blocking card


Your IPX800 V3 is not accessible any more on the network after a fallen through update or a non-terminated download? You here is with a blocked card which becomes unusable: even ScanDevice does not detect it any more on your network, it does not have any more an IP address
To solve the situation, there exists a procedure of recovery which makes it possible to reset the IPX800 by reloading a "clean" firmware. If your IPX800 is not visible any more on the network, will know that when you turn on it, this one automatically takes IP address during 3 seconds. It is this characteristic which will be used for to you to recover your blocked card. After having downloaded our archive files containing the firmware (file gceip3xxxx.hex) here the procedure to follow. It also should be checked as a preliminary that the tftp service is activated on your OS (under Windows XP it was activated, under Windows 7 that is not it more).
1. Turn off the map and check that it is connected on your network via a switch or directly with your box (by right cable).
2. Ensure that your network and your computer are on a range of IP addresses
3. Disable firewall, antivirus, security, etc
4. Put the firmware (file HEX) at the root of your hard drive, under C:
5. Open a window DOS (to carry out command).
6. Enter "cd.." as many times as necessary to return to the root of the hard drive.
7. Enter "tftp put C: gceip3xxxx.hex" and turn on the card.
8. In the 3 seconds which follow validate the order (Enter key).
9. Expect the message "successful transfer".
10. Do a hard reset.
11. Carry out ScanDevice to find address IP of the card. Think of reactivating the DHCP of your box if need be.
12. Reload a "clean" website if need be (of the same version than the firmware as you have just loaded).
In the recent software packs that we provide to you, there is from now on a file batch (BAT) which makes it possible to guide you by automating the procedure described above. You can obviously use it to facilitate the procedure to you.

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