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IPX800 V3 - How to do a hard reset ?


The "Hard Reset" is a procedure which makes it possible to reset all the parameters by default of the IPX800. You can use it constantly to leave a blocked situation. The examples can be as follows: forgotten password, defective configuration network, impossibility of reaching the IPX800...  Some major updates can also require a Hard Reset (we let us specify it when the update leaves).
The procedure is the following one:
1. To turn off the IPX800.
2. To maintain supported the button Reset.
3. To turn on the IPX800 and to maintain supported the button Reset until both leds of the network flicker simultaneously (on the firmwares preceding the 30532 there are the slapping of at least one output relay).
4. To slacken the button Reset.
5. To turn off and on the IPX800.

Caution: according to your firmware you will have can be to reload the embarked website of the IPX800 (BIN file). To directly reach the page of loading of the website of a map detected by software "ScanDevice" in (example) type in your browser this adress

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