IPX800 - Access and connection using Internet

Much of users wish to be able to reach or connect their IPX800 on Internet. It is completely possible but it is necessary as a preliminary to check some of your network parameters, even to modify them.
1. In the configuration of the IPX800 (page LAN SETTINGS on IPX800 V3) we advise you to impose a fixed IP address on your IPX800 (for example if DHCP range of your network is 192.168.1.xxx). Also check that the gateway is indicated (it is IP address of your box, generally and also the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS addresses (it is the addresses of your DNS servers, your ISP must communicate them to you).
2. The HTTP port (chapter ADVANCED SETTINGS on IPX800 V3) must be 80: check this value, if different we advise you to use 80 (only the advanced users can modify this value).
3. Open the admin site of your box (generally by using address) and seek the page allowing to configure the redirections of addresses (NAT) and port (PAT). It should be indicated to your box that any flow entering side Internet (WAN) since port 80 must be redirected towards the IPX800 side local network (LAN) port 80 also.
As long as you are in the administration of your box, you can seek your address IP side Internet, i.e.
the address of your box side Internet, that your ISP allotted to you (perhaps temporarily, be careful).
4. Do a test: use if possible another connection that of your own box (for example with your smartphone using 3G/4G) and to type address IP of your box, that you have just recovered into 4. You must then reach the homepage of the website of the IPX800.
5. If your IPX800 orders sensitive equipment related to the house automation, we strongly advise you to activate the protection of the access by login and password.

The procedure described above is valid when only the IPX800 must be accessible since Internet. If you have already accessible equipment since Internet (a NAS for example) or if you wish to have several accessible equipment since Internet, then you will have to manage various redirections NAT and PAT in your box router. Only the advanced users will be able to thus manage this kind of situations (which require good knowledges in Ethernet network).

Concerning item 4, if address IP of your box is variable (your ISP inform you) it is certainly necessary for you to pass by a system of "dyndns". Use Google to familiarize you with this principle if you do not know it. A "dyndns" enables you to obtain, sometimes free, a domain name like http://mydomain.dyndns.org which will point permanently to your box, without action of your share. You will be able to thus always reach your IPX800 since Internet some is your address IP.
If your ISP allotted a fixed address IP to you, then will not need any you, since your address will be always the same one.