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IPX800 V3 - No email sending


Before using the function of email sending by the IPX800, you must make sure that this one is well configured to reach Internet. For that, you must check in LAN SETTINGS that the addresses of the gateway and DNS servers (at least the primary) are correctly indicated: you must use the parameters provided by your ISP.
Then, you must parameterize the SMTP server which the IPX800 will use (necessary so that a peripheral network can send emails). For that return in ADVANCED SETTINGS and open page SMTP mail server: you must then inform all the fields with the parameters provided by your ISP.

Look at this example, with the ISP Free in France :
- SMTP server =
- port = 587
- username = youremailaddress
- password = let it empty

Another example with the ISP Orange in France :
- SMTP server =
- port = 25
- username = emailaddressatorange
- password = your password Orange

So we also provide you some servers, with this parameters :
- SMTP server =
- port = 587
- username =, x can be 1 to 9, or
- password = 123456 or 12345678

To finish, do not forget to configure the sending of the e-mails for the output, or the input, desired. For that, return in the administration of the output or the input concerned, then open the page E-mail settings. There, it is necessary to notch Enable E-mail and to indicate a recipient address. Also choose a Message1 and/or a Message2.

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